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Aeroboat is a quintessential British brand formed to offer a superior and regal experience at sea. Underpinned by a philosophy shared by some of the most opulent names in the market, Aeroboat provides the ultimate in leisure travel.

The richness of the brand is exemplified by five models ranging from 55 – 100ft. Each yacht shares the same DNA and is adorned with unique features that define and enhance the experience on board.

Style and performance are key factors for every model of the Aeroboat range, which is why we have equipped each yacht with Rolls-Royce equipment to ensure nothing but the best is achieved in performance and reliability. The use of equipment and systems from this iconic brand reinforces the goals and the minimum standard we strive for with each build.

Together with a strong design by Claydon Reeves and naval architecture by BMT Nigel Gee, Aeroboat offers a unique experience overflowing with grandeur and glamour. Each craft promises an opulent voyage unlike any other, while delivering awe-inspiring performance.

Aeroboat Brochure

Click here to download the PDF, or here to view the brochure online