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Aeroboat Features

Aeroboat is a name that has echoed in the market since the unveiling of the first model in the line in 2013, the sublime Aeroboat SV12. This 55-foot high performance speedboat, powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin 27l engine, was the basis from which all other models have derived. Each one is unique in its own way but they share a distinct DNA that transcends each size in the range.

Each Aeroboat shares similar features derived from the SV12, however, they have been developed to suit the overall aesthetic and functionality of the respective model in the range. Every Aeroboat has been finely tuned to provide the best experience and engages every sense from the outset. Each of these fully resolved features are highlighted below.

Teardrop Cockpit

The shape of the Aeroboat's superstructure from above is unique and is one of the key features that make up the character of each yacht in the line, as it mimics the shape of a teardrop. Starting as the curve of the cockpit window before sweeping aft to form a tail that comes to a point at the stern of the yacht.


The Aerostairs is an extendable swim platform that can be raised for boarding and lowered to act as a beach club ladder. When combined with a wider than usual height adjustable passerelle stowed within the Superstructure Tail (and deployed automatically), the Aerostairs Platform becomes a one-of-a-kind boarding and disembarking system.

Superstructure Tail

Taming the wild space of the aircraft frame on the SV12, the Superstructure Tail is a prominent feature of every Aeroboat. Located aft of the yacht, this central frame holds the Wingtip Stairs while providing direct access to the Teardrop Cockpit.

Wingtip Stairs

Either side of the Superstructure Tail are floating stairs inspired by the wings of a Spitfire. A prominent feature, these steps offer a regal arrival and departure when boarding close to the waterline. The staircases also provide access to the swim platform from the cockpit when the Aerostairs are deployed.

Shoulder Blade

The Shoulder Blade is the line that connects the foredeck to the swim platform and forms the outer edge of the Wingtip Stairs before wrapping around to form the first step. This elegant and flowing line accentuates the grandeur of the steps as they narrow towards the top and meet the edge of the Teardrop Cockpit.