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Inspiration And Development

The Aeroboat story began with a visit to Hawker Restorations in Suffolk, England, which houses a family of Spitfires and Hurricanes at various stages of restoration. With the aluminium skin peeled away, the beautifully simplistic wooden structure of the Spitfire was revealed along with the sophisticated geometry of the wings, fuselage, airframe and tail.

Among the disassembled parts were the Merlin V12 engines, offering a sense of the engineering precision that went into realising these agile aircraft. Charged with inspiration, Claydon Reeves set out to create a yacht that would celebrate the great achievements of these iconic birds while making use of the engines no longer suitable for flight.

However, the Spitfire was not the only source of inspiration, as the accomplishments of the Schneider Trophy planes also caught the attention of the team. The ingenuity of the Supermarine S.6 in particular, which also harnessed the power of a Rolls-Royce engine, further fuelled ideas for the Aeroboat. Encapsulating the essence of these aircraft into an exquisite ocean-going craft makes the Aeroboat an experience unlike any other.

From pencil to paper, the first in the Aeroboat line to be launched was the Aeroboat SV12, formerly known as the Aeroboat 55ft. It is the answer to anyone seeking a yacht that combines speed and contemporary elegance.

The heady combination of old-school romance and modern-day technology of the SV12, which best portrays the DNA and key design features of each Aeroboat, would be the base from which the rest of the line would be born. From the S6 through to the larger vessels (in development), each yacht exudes poise and intent.