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Powered by Rolls-Royce

Aeroboat is dedicated to hand crafting remarkable yachts finished to the highest standard without compromise. Style and performance are key factors for every model, which is why Aeroboat has chosen Rolls-Royce as its main supplier to ensure nothing but the best in performance and reliability is achieved. From the engines to the waterjet propulsion and into every system on board, each yacht is controlled and powered by Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce is internationally renowned for its achievements across numerous sectors. It has successfully provided integrated power systems for use in the air, on land and at sea for many years. Using Rolls-Royce equipment and systems, Aeroboat is able to deliver alluring vessels with truly resolved mechanical and electrical systems.

At the heart of each yacht is a pair of MTU 2000 series engines, part of the Rolls-Royce family. Using the new V10 version of the Series 2000 M96 engine for the Aeroboat S6, ensures this yacht is compliant with the current emission regulations while offering outstanding acceleration behaviour and low fuel consumption. For the larger vessels in the range, a pair of V12 or V16 engines from the same series will ensure performance and reliability are maintained throughout the Aeroboat line.

“With the launch of MTU’s 10V Series 2000 M96 engine, the company is continuing a long tradition of building reliable and efficient high-performance engines for yachts,” commented Head of the Marine and Government Business Division at MTU Knut Müller at the time of launch. The new engines meet US EPA Marine Tier 3 Recreational standards as well as the EU Directive RCD II for leisure craft, which became mandatory as of January 2017.